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Our vision

With a world of possibilities in material experimentation, Manos enters a new terrain. We believe in design that places material at the forefront, working within a sweet spot of advanced manufacturing technology, research, and hand craft.

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What we do

Manos offers a line of furniture products, made by hand in North America. As the product arm of Concreteworks, a custom manufacturer, Manos is equipped with three decades of conceptual and technical knowledge surrounding high-performance concrete fabrication.

Our portfolio includes products that were born out of site-specific projects, adapted for a wider clientele, as well as collaboratively designed furniture that speak to our vision. Our design team works intimately with the manufacturing team to assure the highest quality products possible.

Design Studio & Collaborators

We are a multidisciplinary group of engineers, designers, managers, and makers who know how to physically manifest ideas from concepts.

Seated directly next to our manufacturing facility, our design team has their fingers on the pulse of how each piece is made. The proximity to the people making our products allows for endless opportunities of collaboration and experimentation. Our design begins with process and material, endlessly available within arm’s reach.

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Manos was born out of Concreteworks, whose portfolio has been built on remarkable designs. Over time we have been challenged to study and innovate the material of concrete and its applications in our built world. With every project, we add a new discovery to our language.

To bring a custom design to fruition, or request a product in a nonstandard color or size, please reach out to info@concreteworks.com.


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