Bath Kit

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Bath KitNatural

The Bath Kit comes with six concrete samples in our standard colors — three cool tones and three warm tones. These samples provide the look + feel of our Natural finish, appearing on the exterior of all bath products.

We love tactile objects, so we’ve also included a little something so you can get to know our company better.

* The top + interior of all baths are polished and waterproof-sealed. If you would like a sample of this Polished finish, please email us at

Warning: This product was manufactured with chemicals including Silica, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

Lead time: 2-3 days

Material Variation

We work with a combination of natural materials and hand craftmanship. These variables product subtle variations in color, texture, and porosity within each piece. We are advocates of letting concrete be concrete, and believe that it gives our products personality. This is our material-forward approach.

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