Product Care

We recommend using a non-abrasive cleaner, such as Method All-Purpose Natural Surface cleaner. Spray the cleaner across the surface and wipe down with a sponge or towel. We do not recommend use of most natural cleaners, which are typically citrus-based and highly acidic, and can damage natural materials. Avoid heavy abrasive, bleach-based or ammoniated cleansers. Use of such cleansers will wear down the sealer.


Concrete shares similarities to natural stone. It will stain when exposed to highly acidic or alkaline substances; when left in prolonged contact with moisture; and when oil or wax sits on and soaks into the surface.

Avoid contact with these materials and wipe any spills immediately. For certain products, refinishing may be possible.


Concrete can develop hairline cracks that are nonstructural and result from the natural shrinkage of the material. With the correct support and care, structural cracking should not occur.

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