Concrete is synonymous with our built world. Harnessed for roadways, bridges, and other infrastructure, it is also at the crux of one of the most important dialogues of our time — humanity's impact on the Earth.

While our scale may be small in this discourse, our production facility is committed to being an ally to the environment. We ask ourselves how the manufacturing industry can do better, and how we can do better.

We have taken long-term, factory-wide measures to limit our waste and our use of materials that are harmful to the Earth. We're proud to utilize a robust water reclamation system, which allows us to reuse any water that has moved through production. We invest in permanent molds to limit our use of fiberboard and foam — and whenever foam is used, we down-cycle it for reuse at our factory. Our concrete mix incorporates recycled aggregates materials and when possible, alternatives to cement, such as industrial byproducts. Our product packaging consists of recyclable and post-consumer recycled materials. We are tuned into the scientific research around industrial scale replacements of cement, and it gives us much optimism for commercially available "green concrete" in the coming years.

We challenge a world overflowing with season-centric, disposable design. Manos furniture is built to last, to withstand the elements and time with grace, and to be enjoyed and loved throughout generations.

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