Manos guarantees that all work performed and all materials and equipment furnished by Manos are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of One (1) year, and further certifies that Subcontractor will make good any defects in materials, equipment or workmanship which may develop or become apparent during the guarantee period. This warranty acknowledges that Manos will repair or replace, at our discretion, any piece that fails to meet these conditions. Manos will give technical advice and support throughout the lifetime of our products. Our warranty does not guarantee against damage incurred through negligence, abuse, unapproved repairs/modification, or failure of substrates. This warranty does not cover the repair or replacement of surrounding materials should damage occur during repair or replacement of pieces under warranty. This applies only to products that have been handled, installed, and maintained in accordance with the guidelines recommended by Manos.

Warranty for Fire Features

Stainless Steel Fire Pit + Outdoor Fireplace Burners: Lifetime Warranty

Stainless Steel Pan: Commercial 1 year / Residential 5 years 

Electronics + Gas Valve: Commercial 1 year / Residential 3 years

Pilot Assembly: Commercial 1 year / Residential 2 years

Valve Box: Commercial 1 year / Residential 5 years

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